MTV Movie Awards 2017 live stream

The MTV Movie Awards 2017 are in the middle of an identity slip. This year’s show hosted by Pitch Perfect and Workaholics chief Adam Devine will blow up on Sunday (May 7th) with a new name:MTV Movie Awards 2017 ┬áthe 2017 MTV Film and TV Awards. And yes, as the name implies, this time television stars will also be noticed.

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MTV Movie Awards 2017

MTV Movie Awards 2017

However, the only major change to the annual event is the addition of television categorizations.

Watch MTV Movie Awards 2017 This year the awards also change based on social sex. MTV awards are recognized as Best Actor and Best Actor in a Film, as opposed to other athletic programs that depict players by sex, such as how Oscar has awarded Best Actor and Best Actress Cups. This means that Emma Watson (Beauty and the Beast) appeared in the Best Actor category in a film category against Hugh Jackman (Logan), Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out) and Taraji P. Henson (Secret Figures); Emilia Clarke Of Thrones) and Donald Glover (Atlanta) go head-to-head in the television category.

The prize will still include more specific categories such as ‘Best Kiss and Tearjerker’ in the ceremony.

On the deck for Sunday’s event: MTV Movie Awards 2017 The Fast and Furious film franchise was awarded the MTV Generation Prize, and Pitbull, Noah Cyrus and Camila Cabello were among the musical invitations to be held.

How are you being watched?

When: On Sunday, May 7, at 6 pm Eastern Thursdays (postponement of the band for the West Coast)

Where: Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles

Ana: Adam Devine

On TV: Spike, Comedy Center, VH1, BET, TV Land, MTV2 and MTV Classic will be broadcasted at MTV with simulation broadcasts

Online: With a TV provider and subscription session, you can watch the award ceremony online at COPY INFOMATION